So you work the classic 9-to-5, hustling away for those long five days, knowing that adventure awaits as soon as you end your final Zoom call late Friday afternoon.


Friday afternoon comes around and boom, the laptop is slammed shut, the bag is packed ready to go and you burst out the door ready to hit the trails, tickle some trout or swim in that incredible waterfall you just discovered on Google Maps. You’re out in the wild and you take a big deep breath, inhaling all of the natural goodness that makes your body feel alive but then you blink and suddenly it’s Sunday evening!


“What the….!? Where did my weekend go?”


For the keen hikers, trout ticklers and waterfall hunters out there (...I’m guessing that’s probably you reading this) we know that just two days of adventuring is simply not enough. While it may not be possible for all of us to shut up shop and hit the road for a life of full time adventure; we all recognise that we need to bring a little adventure to our weekdays to feel fulfilled, and frankly, to keep us sane.


So how do we do it without compromising our stable 9-5 income that, let’s be honest, funds all of our wild adventures and epic gear?


The answer is a lot simpler than you might think.


An opportunity awaits you every single day, 365 days a year.


Yep, we’re talking about that moment we perhaps don't see enough of - the sunrise.


Mother Nature’s cheeky little gift to us, delivered daily, ready to be enjoyed from a clifftop with your STOV BBQ, the scent of crispy bacon wafting down to the surf below. Or perhaps enjoyed from your paddleboard, bobbing gently towards a local cove where you’ll set up a breakfast banquet, equipped with freshly brewed coffee.


Don’t underestimate the opportunity of these small sunrise experiences. Speaking from experience, a sunrise adventure can really boost your week, awakening your hibernating adventurous soul; and the memories of these mid-week adventurous pick-me-ups can keep you smiling through whatever the week throws at you… even those awkward phone calls with Karen from Marketing.