• An extremely portable gas BBQ built for going places made out of brushed 304 stainless steel. The STOV BBQ is so compact due to its flatpack design and whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a balcony BBQ enthusiast - there’s nothing like it in Australia. It is the perfect grill for cooking anything from burgers to freshly caught flathead, corn on the cob, or a bush tucker banquet. It offers 2.4kW of power (Or about 8000 BTU) via your usual camping gas cartridge (EN417 standard with threaded valve) that can be assembled anywhere within seconds. 

    With a 460gram gas cartridge, you will get about 200 minutes of cooking time. EN417 gas cartridges can be found in any camping or outdoor shop such as:

    Mitre 10

One of the main features of this BBQ product is its low weight unlike other BBQs.
This product packs a punch! Lots of energy output from this barbeque!
Even with a small gas cartridge you can cook for about 6-8 sessions making it more efficient than charcoal
You know you choose well when your barbeque is heating up to this temperature!
The flatpack design means you can set up the STOV in about 1 minute which makes it super efficient on space.
Add this great barbeque to your adventure gear, it heats up in no time and will suit your grilling needs.
The STOV BBQ has many features that mean you can grill anything on it like other type of bbqs such as the weber baby.

The portable BBQ Built For Going Places

The STOV BBQ was designed with one thing in mind: Create an extremely portable gas BBQ that can be taken anywhere. This was achieved through its lightweight and flat-pack design. With its mere 3.5kg lightweight construction, you can take the STOV BBQ to any of those beautiful places this continent has to offer. And with its flat-pack design, the STOV BBQ is so compact, that it slides into any car, camper, 4x4 or backpack. This makes it the perfect portable BBQ for your camping trip

Unmatched Built Quality

With a love for the outdoors, we designed the STOV BBQ, to last for many years to come, and therefore the BBQ is entirely made out of brushed stainless steel. It means the BBQ will withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions and it also means the STOV BBQ is a breeze to clean (You can even put it in the dishwasher after a long weekend away). To make sure that each BBQ lives up to our high-quality standards, we package up each BBQ in our warehouse in Sydney.

Proven Outdoor Cooking Performance

From the mountains to the sea, from hot summer days to frosty winter days in the Snowies, with confidence you can count on your STOV BBQ to help you grill amazing and delicious food. Whether you want to cook some quick sausages, fish, veggies, or the perfect burger, the STOV BBQ offers next-level versatility when you are out and about. This compact BBQ is not only the perfect companion for your camping trips, but also for any other occasion from road trips to picnics to at-home backyard cook-ups with the family.

The STOV BBQ is a portable bbqs with a range of great review and available to order in some stores or online across Australia.


Our 304 stainless steel is food safe, rust resistant, and ultra durable.

Carbon neutral and Crafted from 304 stainless steel a barbecue, for grilling with the family the beach or the backyard.


We offset all emissions from production & shipping with trusted partners.

Setting off emissions e.g. from gas burning and production, you can buy the STOV BBQ with confidence knowing that our brand does everything to reduce our impact.


We divert one percent of every sale towards local environmental projects & NGOs.

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  • The STOV BBQ weighs 3.6kg.

    The lightweight and compact design makes the STOV BBQ the ideal companion for outdoor cooking.