If we haven't met in person yet, let me introduce myself virtually. 

My name is Freddy, I'm a self-confessed flyfishing addict, lover of surf, fan of great look-outs and camping in cold weather... but I'm also the guy behind STOV BBQ.

For the last few years I've been juggling my full-time job as a software designer, with weekends away fishing, camping and doing all the things that I love, but I came across a problem.

If I caught a fish while fishing in a remote part of the Snowy's or Tassie, I wished I had a grill to cook it in a delicious way straight away. 

Mini frying pans over my small hiking stove weren't cutting it, and fire bans rule out cooking on an open fire - so I knew I needed to come up with an alternative. Enter STOV BBQ

Taking on the project of shaking up the outdoor cooking industry was a biggy, and I'm so grateful for those who have been part of STOV's journey so far, such as my good friend Matt, a strategic designer with a shared interest in sustainability who helped in the early days with working out what STOV BBQ was going to be. Our epic design engineer, Jarryd who's attention to detail has ensured we deliver the most high quality product. My co-worker Tiff, a software developer who is the brains behind our website. And my girlfriend Vikki, my camping buddy and a fellow outdoor industry entrepreneur who has provided ideas and guidance every step of the way.

We’ve spent many months designing, building and refining the STOV BBQ alongside our day jobs, and we’re pretty stoked with the result.

Being gas-powered and fully flat-packable there is nothing else like the STOV BBQ in Australia. 

The STOV BBQ offers something entirely new for people who love to get outdoors but don’t want to compromise on great food, while enjoying great views with their loved ones. 

We are steadily growing our community of outdoor-loving folk, and we love it when they share their cook-ups with us via the STOV BBQ Instagram.

I can't wait to see where you end up, what you cook up and how far your curiosity can take you!


p.s. If you have an epic grill recipe that works wonders on the STOV BBQ, please share it with us via hello@stov-bbq.com.au - and it may end up in our future recipe book!

 Freddy with the portable gas bbq: The STOV BBQ. The perfect BBQ to take camping and on any adventure.